Many Needs but mediocre Salaries, Apply Employee Loans

Urgent needs cannot be expected.

Urgent needs cannot be expected.

Sometimes the amount is small and can be overcome. But there are also very large numbers. To fulfill it, just using a salary is not enough.

If this is the case, many employees are finally forced to owe money by pawning goods. Did you know, this method is very outdated.

For those of you who work as employees, both government employees and private employees, it’s time to use trusted banking products, employee loans.

Submission of loan money for employees can be done in two ways, namely coming to the bank directly or through the Financial Technology platform. The requirement to apply for an employee loan is very easy and safe.

But before entering the application, you should first compare loan products for employees that are more profitable for you. Notice how much interest is charged, the amount of employee credit, return time, and others.

Even though this credit is very profitable, the loan usage of this permanent employee must be as much as possible and adjust to the needs so you can return the loan on time.

What needs can be covered by employee loans?

What needs can be covered by employee loans?

Even though the salaries of the employees given are currently large, there are conditions where financial is not sufficient to meet needs. Well, that is the function of employee loan money, to pay for the needs that must be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Some of the needs that can be covered by banking products include health care, school fees, vehicle loan installments, home renovations, and fees for marriage.

We recommend that you choose a loan with low interest so that you are not too burdened when returning funds. The amount of credit payments will be subject to interest and other additional fees.

Therefore, when determining the size of the loan, just adjust to the ability so that the bills paid are not too large.

What are Payroll and Non-Payroll Employees?

What are Payroll and Non-Payroll Employees?

Before going further about the terms and tips for applying for a loan for a private employee, it’s a good idea to know the terms Payroll and Non-Payroll. Payroll employees are employees whose salary is transferred to a bank account. While Non-Payroll, the salary provided is not transferred to a bank account.

Many companies use the payroll system by cooperating with certain banks. The goal is to facilitate the payroll system.

In addition, the payroll system is more profitable for employees, because it can easily apply for credit. Some choices of products that use the system include such as DLR payroll loans, independent payroll loans, DLR bank loans for employees, and many others.

Employee Loan Apply Terms

Employee Loan Apply Terms

The types of loans offered to employees are generally divided into two, namely loans for employees without collateral and using collateral. Each of these products has its own advantages, adjust to your needs.

If you need large amounts of money, then lending money with guaranteed salary slips is the right choice. Whereas if the amount of funds you need is not so great, you can try employee loans without a credit card and collateral.

Submitting employee loan forms can now be done online through the financial platform. But if you have a lot of time, there is no harm in submitting an employee loan application form directly to the bank.

Before applying for an employee credit online or to a bank, there are several requirements that you should know. some of them are:

  1. Indonesian citizens with ages ranging from 21 to 55 years
  2. Status as a permanent employee
  3. Minimum salary for payroll employees is 2.5 million per month, for non-payroll employees earning at least 3 million per month

Examples of credit products that you can apply are loans for employees. If you do not live in Indonesia, you are not allowed to apply for the credit. As for the income requirements, first know your salary payment system.

If you have a BNI account, and the salary is transferred to the account, then the minimum income you have to have is 2.5 million per month. Whereas if the payroll system is non-payroll, then the minimum income required is 3 million per month.

In addition to the three general terms of light loans for the employees mentioned above, you must also include several documents to complete the requirements, including:

  1. Bank loan forms for private employees that have been filled in completely and clearly.
  2. Copy of KTP
  3. Copy of salary slip
  4. Copy of Description of Work from the Company
  5. Copy of NPWP and SPT

If you apply for an online loan, the five documents must be scanned first so they can be uploaded. Some bank loan products without pay slips are also highly sought after, considering that credit can also be applied by non-permanent employees and freelancers.

If you don’t have time to come to the bank to ask for an employee loan alternative, you should just visit the financial platform.

There are many products that are there with complete specifications. So you can immediately compare and select the best product.

Steps to Apply Employee Loans Online

Steps to Apply Employee Loans Online

If you want to apply for a loan directly by coming to the bank, the method is very easy. Just fill out the form and attach the document requirements specified by the bank.

But if you need funds with a low nominal, for example borrowing 5 million fast, you should apply online. Besides saving time, the verification process is also relatively fast.

There are even unsecured loan products for employees that you can apply without the need to prepare collateral. The simulations of online credit submissions for employees are:

  1. Visit the bank’s official website or the financial platform that provides the loan products
  2. There are several sites that require you to register. The method is quite easy, by filling out the form completely and clearly. After that you will get an account that can be used to log in
  3. Choose a product that suits your needs
  4. Determine the amount of the ceiling and the length of the tenor
  5. Fill out the loan application and upload the document requirements
  6. Wait for the verification process, within a maximum of 3 days, you will find out the results are accepted or rejected

Positive Negative Online Employee Loan Products

Positive Negative Online Employee Loan Products

If the company where you work uses the DLR payroll system facilitates the payment of employee salaries, then you should submit an application at the DLR bank because the possibility of approval is greater. There are several advantages possessed by this employee credit, including:

  1. Fill out forms easily through online
  2. Delivery of the required documents just upload it
  3. Payment can be through installments with low interest
  4. Flexible tenor
  5. The ceiling offered is quite large
  6. There is insurance protection
  7. Fast fund disbursement process
  8. Low admin and provision fees

In addition to having advantages, there are also shortcomings that this product has, including the risk of getting bad credit if you stop working. In addition, you cannot delay repayment of loan installments because the salary is immediately deducted.

Now you already know what an employee loan is and what conditions are needed if you want to apply the product. The most effective way and is to visit a trusted financial platform.

Filling out a loan application is easier and the required funds will certainly be liquid quickly if the conditions you provide are declared complete and approved.


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